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Imagine if you had the confidence to treat more patients, shorten treatment time, and guarantee excellent patient outcomes…

Are you dealing with a complex case, and you are not sure if Invisalign® is appropriate? Let Dr. Brad, Mentor and Founder of, look over your case and make sure it is feasible using our proven, systematic, Clin-Checklist method. We recommend using this service before you invest a lot of time or effort on the case, especially if your patient has not committed to the treatment, or if you are unsure which Invisalign® package to use. If there is no ClinCheck® to view, you can simply submit photos with your request. You can increase your confidence in your treatment plan before you present Invisalign® treatment to your patient. If the patient accepts treatment, we offer an upgrade to the Case Setup Service for members only.

Try our Spot Check Case Review Service, for free!

What’s Included:

  • Brief Case Review (PDF)
  • Brief Case Review Video (MP4 – approx. 5 min)
  • Private, Secure Link to View Video on Dropbox (Available for 30 days – Download your copy)
  • Flexible Scheduling! Let us know when you need your case back by selecting a date on your request form. (Please do not select a date less than 5 business days from date of request).

Here is what you need to do:

  1. Fill out and submit the form below. There is no fee for first time clients. Your information will NOT be shared with anyone else.
  2. Specify when you need the case review.
  3. You will receive a PDF case review. It will include information specific to your case. The PDF will include a link to a short video message specific to your case.

You are welcome to join our community of Invisalign® doctors regardless of your experience level. Doctors who are just getting started as well as top-earning providers will benefit from membership. It is our mission to help our members excel as Invisalign® doctors!

InvisalignDrs online mentoring has given me extreme confidence in the product I am delivering to my patients, and with that confidence I have been able to exponentially increase my Invisalign case load.

Dr. Timothy Tikalsky, DDS

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